• E-cigs make quitting harder, contested study claims.

    I wanted make a point with regards to this news article today,

    I quit smoking in January 2015 and have used the e-cig to achieve this and I can honestly say I will never smoke a cigarette again, the thought of it repulses me. So I wonder who makes these claims and whether or not they have previously been a heavy smoker like myself and many others that have managed to quit smoking by using the e-cigarette??



    ‘E-cigarettes, touted as an aide for giving up tobacco, in fact lowers the odds of quitting success, claimed research Thursday that was immediately criticised as flawed.

    A research duo from the University of California, San Francisco reviewed the findings of 38 studies conducted across the globe into e-cigarette use, and concluded that smokers who use the devices were 28 percent less likely to quit smoking tobacco.

    Published in the journal Lancet Respiratory Medicine, it claimed to be the largest review of e-cigarette’s value as a tool to help smokers kick the habit.

    Looking at the data, it seemed that e-cigarettes in fact hampered attempts at quitting, the team said.’

  • Whats your opinion on children and teenagers using e-cigarettes?

    Whats your opinion on children and teenagers using e-cigarettes?

    One of the opinions we hear in the shop is that ‘if someone under age uses e-cigs and they are 0 nicotine in strength surely that is a 100 times better for them than them buying a packet of cigarettes ?’
    What do you guys think ?

    “Advertisements for … flavoured e-cigarettes could encourage children to try vaping,” ITV News reports after a study found children shown these ads were more likely to express an interest in trying flavoured e-cigs.

    The study included about 500 UK schoolchildren aged 11 to 16. It aimed to see whether different e-cigarette adverts influenced their views and attitudes towards smoking tobacco or using e-cigarettes.

    LINK : http://www.nhs.uk/news/2016/01January/Pages/Are-ads-for-candy-flavoured-ecigs-tempting-teens-to-vape.aspx

  • Helping People Quit – The Stats.

    This is always great to see that companies like Best4ecigs are helping people quit smoking.


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    Watch How A Girl’s Leukemia Went into Remission After Only Six Days Of Using Cannabis Oil

  • NHS Cost Calculator – What Will You Save?

    I have been a non smoker now for a year and if I had saved the money I would now have a massive £3149.95 to spend… Dam I knew I should have saved it ..
    Think about how much savings you could be making by quitting smoking today.

    Smoking is expensive and you might be surprised at how it all adds up. On average, most people who quit save around £250 each month.

    That’s nearly £3,000 a year going up in smoke. What else could you spend that money on?


    Read more at https://www.nhs.uk/smokefree/why-quit/cost-calculator#XcbUQZUXIRU3iPx3.99

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  • The Suspected Reason For The Forthcoming Regulations

    The Suspected Reason For The Forthcoming Regulations

    The MHRA is largely funded by granting medical licences to pharmaceutical products. As a result they are dependent on multi-national pharmaceutical companies, and their policies are moulded to please this industry. With “Big Pharma” reportidly loseing billions from loss of sales from nicotine replacement therapies you can easily see who’s side the MHRA is backing. The MHRA also have a suspect record with regulating certain drugs – you only need to Google ‘MHRA Seroxat’ and you’ll uncover quite enough evidence to question this ‘medical agencies’ motives.


  • New Year New You

    stpThe day has arrived… stop

    the dreaded day you decided to give up smoking.. And now the realty has set in. Maybe after a heavy New Year’s Eve all you wanna do is reach for your cigarettes.. forgetting you tore the last few up last night.. Please don’t despair we are here 7 days a week to help you. It isn’t as hard to quit as you think.
    Take your mind off it with a nice countryside walk, or nurse your New Year’s hangover with a fry up in bed ? But please don’t reach for the ‘fags’
    We are open today 10 – 4 for that extra bit of help and advice, but are always on hand here on Facebook to answer any questions or just ‘chat’ with you.
    The cravings WILL go away just stick with it. It DOES get easier and is WELL WORTH IT !


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