I feel it is extremely important we address reports in the news regarding the ”exploding” ecigs.

Dear Customers,

Over the past few weeks there have been several stories showing horrific injuries from the users ecig exploding in their faces and i feel it important we address some factors that cause this to happen, so vapers who read these articles which are not always researched in depth are aware of why this could possibly happen.
E-cigarettes that are purchased from a reputable vendor will all be regulated and have automatic shut off points A regulated mod also has wires and an internal chip that regulates wattage or voltage and built in protection circuitry to prevent over stressing the battery.
Unregulated mods have no wires (mechanical mods)… It’s simply a battery with contacts. The amount of “power” the mod generates is determined by how your coils are set-up, the battery you are using, your contacts, etc and generally no cut off point.
Self made coils are also the cause of many ecigarette problems, which we at best4ecigs urge the customer to avoid.
It is also extremely important to also use the correct plug when charging your ecigarette… We have all used our phone plug but we need to understand the importance of the plug.. While an ecigarette requires 0.5amps the phone plug emits 2.5amps into your ecigarette which charges the ecigarette too fast. Things like this are so important.
You need to know what to do when something goes wrong, which likely will, at some point if you do coil your own coils it will. Batteries don’t usually fail without warning. The first sign is that either the battery or the mod you’re using will begin to get very very warm. This means that something is wrong. At this point, stop using it immediately. If possible, remove the battery from the mod, get it out of your pants pocket, or purse, and put the battery someplace where it isn’t likely to damage anything surrounding it. Because once a battery bursts, there’s nothing you will be able to do to stop it.


Joanna – Shop Manager at Enderby